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We design and develop hardware and software for collecting, processing and analysis of any streaming or batch data at the edge.


  • - IoT Gateways
  • - Edge Computers
  • - AI Edge Computers


  • - Edge containers
  • - Low code development
  • - Application enablement
  • - Advanced analytics


  • - Solutions architecture
  • - Consulting and Advisory
  • - Service and Support


Flover.io helps you to quickly and easily build edge computing solution to connect your devices, extract value from data, reduce costs and improve operations at the edge.

Connect anything

Manage everything

Quick implementation

Reduce expenses

Use cases

Wondering how you can use Flover.io in your business? There is a huge number of edge computing applications and the new solutions are added literally every day. Here is a brief overview of how to use them effectively and fully in your company.

Industrial Automation

Many industrial IoT use cases relate to core overall operational efficiency (OEE), equipment monitoring and predictive maintenance because “any downtime…

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Transport and logistics

Quality control of goods transport - monitoring of vibrations, impacts, position, temperature and other parameters Parcel tracking and shipment location…

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Smart buildings

Monitoring and control of energy consumption - data collection and visualization from intelligent energy meters Intelligent HVAC control - integration…

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Energy consumption monitoring - Smart metering solution enables remote reading and evaluation of measured data. It is able to work…

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Monitoring of meteorological data - temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed and rainfall Monitoring of environmental quality - CO, CO2, SOx,…

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Monitoring of livestock production conditions - temperature, humidity, NH3, CO2, lighting conditions including automatic control of systems and maintaining ideal…

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Smart Retail - monitoring of customer behavior in retail operations Monitoring of traffic and crowded sales points during the day…

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Health care

Monitoring of patient status - monitoring of vital functions of patients or elderly people, including detection of falls and sending…

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Flover.io helps you to build edge computing solution to monitor and manage devices, efficiently collect and process data at the edge and transform into useful information.

Are you ready for a future? We have products for you.

The edge computing platform Flover.io is the package of software tools for collecting and processing data and events at the edge.

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Data processing at the edge

Take full advantage of perfect data processing at the edge. FloverGate is a programmable IoT gateway designed to connect any type of data source.

More about FloverGate

Collect data with the widest opportunities.

Looking for a reliable and efficient data collection device? The modular datalogger FloverMote is designed to perfectly connect any type of sensor.

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Data analysis without borders.

Simplify data processing in an efficient and modern way at the edge. FloverEdge is a unique AI Edge Computing device with simple machine learning operations and scalable performance.

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