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We show you the future and its endless variety of options. Grissp represents a unique blend of years of experience in developing information systems and Internet of things knowledge with long-term growth prospects and innovative technology solutions. Our mission and natural passion is the professional research and development of thethe edge computing suite.

The Internet of Things – The IoT certainly becomes an essential part of everyday life, which makes our work easier and offers unprecedented possibilities for use. Thanks to the organic interconnection of technological equipment with the Internet and the interaction of individual systems, it brings a new perspective on the world and its future possibilities. IoT technology offers a simple tool for monitoring devices, premises or people, tracking their status and measuring various physical quantities.

We bring you unique, innovative products and solutions for data collection, data processing, and real-time data analysis that allow you to remotely monitor, control and manage your devices even in the places where it has not been possible due to improper technology or undesirable costs utilizing the latest technology, wireless communication, cloud services, intelligent applications and advanced analytics.


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