Are you interested in IoT – the Internet of Things and would you like to learn more about it? Our many years of experience in developing information systems and knowledge about the Internet of Things has allowed us to build useful solutions for you. Read interesting things about IoT solutions built on platform.

Flover.EM - Energy Management

Rising energy costs is a “nightmare” for managers. Flover.EM – Energy management is designed for all companies where energy consumption plays a significant role in the building or in the…

Flover.CM - Central Monitoring

Central monitoring is a centralized solution for the supervision of the overall operational efficiency (OEE) and equipment monitoring . At the same time, it provides timely and proactive signaling of…

Flover.QE - Quality Environment

“Air and water are essential components of the environment for life on Earth. For this reason, it is extremely important to give them due care and protection.” The main objective…


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