Flover.CM – Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring involves monitoring a set of parameters that define the condition of machinery or equipment with the objective of identifying significant changes that indicate a potential fault or inefficiency. Condition monitoring is frequently used by maintenance teams to monitor the actual condition of an asset and to extract information regarding actual wear and degradation. Devices such as vibration sensors or power monitors are used to obtain the data required to identify abnormalities.

The most common goals of condition monitoring systems include:

Data collection from sensors and devices

Data collection from information and control systems


Dashboard is a unified and flexible environment for data visualization and information sharing.

Displayed parameters – measured values:

Support for decision making processes

Flover.CM includes the notifications system, which ensures to send of notifications about the status of monitored equipment and operational infrastructure in the selected form (e-mail, SMS, or other). Alarms are sent mainly when a critical state of individual monitored devices occurs. The notifications system administration interface is available, where it is possible to assign notification events to the individual users based on their roles or location.


Based on data from the monitoring of events, management and employees will get an overview of the current status and overall operational efficiency and availability of monitored systems. This will allow them to focus on solving the actual problems. The solution can be easily extended with other monitored devices and applications. Flover.CM can augment and eventually replace legacy control systems or SCADA systems.


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