Flover.EM – Energy Management

Rising energy costs is a “nightmare” for managers.

Flover.EM – Energy management is designed for all companies where energy consumption plays a significant role in the building or in the production process. The result is a reduction in energy costs and environmental protection by reducing the carbon footprint.

Energy management (EM) in terms of energy savings can be characterized as a systematic process of monitoring, control and implementation of measures aimed at optimizing energy consumption in order to reduce energy intensity and improve energy efficiency. We start from the principle “you can’t control what you don’t measure”.

Flover.EM also provides valuable secondary information that can be used for budget forecasts, comparisons and, importantly, for the energy manager and verification of savings not only in energy but also in water, compressed air, and technical gases, intelligent lighting, heating and ventilation control, temperature and humidity measurement, monitoring the presence of explosive and dangerous gases, smoke detection and much more.

Flover.EM provides:

Data collection from sensors

The solution can easily monitor the following parameters and systems:

Data collection from information and control systems


Dashboard is a unified and flexible environment for data visualization and information sharing.

Displayed parameters – measured values:

Support for decision making processes

Flover.EM includes the notifications system, which ensures to send of notifications about the status of monitored equipment and operational infrastructure in the selected form (e-mail, SMS, or other). Alarms are sent mainly when a critical state of individual monitored devices occurs. The notifications system administration interface is available, where it is possible to assign notification events to the individual users based on their roles or location.


Online energy management can provably save energy and provide greater control of energy consumption. It is confirmed that investing in smart solutions to measure and manage energy consumption is justified. The on-line energy management system monitors energy consumption at all levels. Reliable energy management allows companies to make decisions based on real energy consumption. Companies can thus turn their declining energy costs into competitive advantages. Online energy management shows a typical reduction in annual energy costs of about 5-10%. We know from practice that, on average, energy savings of up to 25-30% are possible.


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