Flover.QE – Quality Environment

“Air and water are essential components of the environment for life on Earth. For this reason, it is extremely important to give them due care and protection.”

The main objective of environmental monitoring is to monitor specified phenomena or parameters in precisely defined temporal and spatial conditions. Flover.QE serves for objective knowledge of environmental characteristics and for evaluation of their changes in the monitored spatial area. It provides objective information necessary for the decision-making, management and control area.

In the modern society, new requirements are emerging for the introduction of new technologies with emerging trends such as SmartCity, IoT or OpenData. The aim of Flover.QE is not only to satisfy trends, but mainly to be a modern and flexible tool responding flexibly to the demands of the time and emerging new challenges.

Flover.QE monitors quantitative and qualitative parameters of air and water status. It collects, verifies, evaluates, archives and interprets data and information on the status and regime of air and water, describes events in the atmosphere and hydrosphere, creates and automatically sends alerts.

The basic means of obtaining data on quantitative and qualitative parameters are observation objects – certified measuring equipment. Providing information on current air and water quality as well as on weather and hydrological situation is one of the system’s most recent tasks. Flover.QE is monitoring the following values:




Flover.QE is in fact a unified communication infrastructure for data collection, a network of automated certified measuring instruments, but also validation mechanisms for the correct functioning of measuring instruments as well as the accuracy of measured data, creating models for emergency evaluation and risk monitoring and last but not least long-term data archiving.

Main features of Flover.QE:


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