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What is Flover.IO

Choose the right software to step forward in the future. Edge computing platform is a complete package of software tools for collecting and processing data and events at the edge. It readily collect and processes all data from sensors, machines and equipment, control units, information systems or enterprise data sources.


We have the right software for the future

The platform is built on the principle of independent modules that can be combined and complemented according to the needs of a specific project. The platform provides uniform access to users and their access permissions. Allows you to set access to individual modules.

Management Studio

Thanks to the unique visual programming technology, the module allows you to quickly create and test and deploy IoT applications or services and efficiently turn data into useful information.

Provides a unified and flexible environment for data visualization and information sharing. It provides graphical and data outputs based on the collected data.

Represents the visualization of defined, abstract or real objects in complex technological or production processes, or their automated control in order to support real-time decision-making and control.

Central management of devices is provided by a device management service using tools of a unique identifiers and authentication. These tools ensure secure communication between the IoT device and the data center and ensure easy configuration and monitoring of the status of these devices.

The module is used to create rules for decision-making and information flow management. It provides an interface to define and set business rules and perform management activities. Allows sending notifications or system alarms via email / SMS to responsible persons or emails


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