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Wondering how you can use the Internet of Things in your business? There is a huge number of IoT applications and the new solutions are added literally every day. Here is a brief overview of how to use them effectively and fully in your company.

Industrial Automation

Many industrial IoT use cases relate to core overall operational efficiency (OEE), equipment monitoring and predictive maintenance because “any downtime is extremely costly.”

  • Data collection and analysis from local control systems - data collection from any data source (sensors, control systems, smart meters, etc.), transformation, consolidation and analysis of data and their transfer to IT infrastructure or cloud including data visualization in graphical form
  • Integration and communication of heterogeneous systems - integration of different control systems from different manufacturers communicating with each other through different protocols including integration of information systems and databases
  • Control systems - control of machines and equipment that do not directly endanger the health and safety of workers, process automation and automation of production processes
  • Automatic diagnostics of devices and monitoring of their status with the possibility of warning of upcoming failures - predictive maintenance

Transport and logistics

  • Quality control of goods transport - monitoring of vibrations, impacts, position, temperature and other parameters
  • Parcel tracking and shipment location - instant asset location, asset or product location and location where it is currently or is moving

Smart buildings

  • Monitoring and control of energy consumption - data collection and visualization from intelligent energy meters
  • Intelligent HVAC control - integration and intelligent control of heating, ventilation and lighting systems including door and window opening sensors
  • Detection of explosive and hazardous substances (COx, SOx, NOx, CH4, volatile hydrocarbons, etc.)


  • Energy consumption monitoring - Smart metering solution enables remote reading and evaluation of measured data. It is able to work with different types of meters simultaneously and ensures that data of the same type - though from different meters - are always stored in the system the same


  • Monitoring of meteorological data - temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed and rainfall
  • Monitoring of environmental quality - CO, CO2, SOx, NOx, dust particles, ozone etc.
  • Hydrology - groundwater level, water quality, water flow, water pollution, leaks
  • Geological measurements - landslides, soil contamination


  • Monitoring of livestock production conditions - temperature, humidity, NH3, CO2, lighting conditions including automatic control of systems and maintaining ideal breeding conditions
  • Localization of animals in the open areas


  • Smart Retail - monitoring of customer behavior in retail operations
  • Monitoring of traffic and crowded sales points during the day
  • Identify the average time spent by customers at points of sale
  • Identification of old and new customers

Health care

  • Monitoring of patient status - monitoring of vital functions of patients or elderly people, including detection of falls and sending notifications in crisis situations
  • Localization of property - accurate positioning of important portable devices (USG)
  • Locating people


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